MRI results

MRI laboratory in Działdowo

MRI laboratory in Działdowo

Pracownia Rezonansu Magnetycznego
MR Diagnostic w Działdowie

Szpital SPZOZ w Działdowie
ul. Leśna 1, 13-200 Działdowo
phone: +48 23 306 75 55

The laboratory is equipped with a high-field Siemens Altea apparatus with a magnetic field strength of 1.5 T.

Siemens Altea Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a proven and efficient 1.5T system that offers a very sharp and clear image of the examined anatomical areas. The system can help to provide a reliable diagnosis, even for the most demanding patients (high body weight or large chest circumference). In addition, advanced clinical software applications offer increased accuracy and confidence in results.

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