MRI results

Our MRI Systems

Our MRI labs are fitted with state-of-the-art scanners

by General Electric


field strength: 1.5T
table weight limit: 125 kg
gantry aperture diameter: 55 cm

SIGNA Creator 
by General Electric



field strength: 1.5T
table weight limit: 146 kg
gantry aperture diameter: 60 cm

by Siemens



field strength: 1.5T
table weight limit: 200 kg
​​​​​​​gantry aperture diameter: 60 cm


Signa HDxt MRI is a proven and powerful 1.5T system with high-quality components that offers sharp and clear images. The system may help provide a definitive diagnosis even in the most challenging patient cases. In addition, advanced clinical software applications offer increased accuracy and confidence in results.


The Signa Creator device offers a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art MRI technologies. With its pioneering technical solutions and innovative clinical software, Signa Creator enables modern, efficient and effective MRI diagnostics.


Today, the ability to differentiate services by means of innovative applications is an indicator of a modern MRI lab. For example, Advanced WARP, Tim 4G coils, and Quiet Suite technology (which reduces MRI scan noise) enable previously excluded patient groups to be examined (e.g., patients with metal implants, elderly patients with pain, anxious patients). At the same time, they improve patient comfort and provide images of high diagnostic quality.