MRI results

Co-financing under the operational program 3.2.1. Research for the market



implements the project entitled: "Implementation of a new method of using thermovision to support medical diagnostic tests with medical resonance"

Program: Intelligent Development Operational Program

Measure: 3.2. Support for the implementation of R&D results

Sub-measure: 3.2.1. Research for the market


Project value: PLN 10,865,000.00

Co-financing from the European Union: PLN 7 605 500.00


The aim of the project is to improve the competitiveness and innovation of MR DIAGNOSTIC. This goal will be achieved through the implementation of the results of R&D works that led to the development of a new diagnostic method, improving the service of magnetic resonance imaging. The applied innovation, of international scope, developed in R&D research, is the use of a thermal imaging camera, thanks to which the MRI examination can be performed on patients with metal and vascular implants, who have been eliminated from such diagnostics so far, because one of its complications was uncontrolled local temperature increase in the vicinity of the implant. The new method will improve the safety level of examining patients with whom there is no or limited contact. Thanks to this innovation, it will be possible to carry out MRI examinations on patients who have so far been deprived of this possibility. The result of the project will be the improvement of competitiveness and innovation as well as an increase in revenues and recognition of the company in the country.


The scope of the project includes the adaptation of rooms for diagnostic laboratories in 2 different locations in the province. Warmia and Mazury and equipping them with diagnostic equipment, including modern, adapted to the individual needs of the new technology scanners and thermal imaging cameras, enabling the implementation of a new research method.